Shower Gel - AromaFree® (Unscented) 220 gallon tote
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1 Gallon Unscented Shaving Cream
Germany's Best Shaving Creme! Best Shaving Creme available in the U.S.A
Also available in 5 gallon!
Larger quantities or private label please call 800 933 5267
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A unscented shaving creme that can rival the best European cream, made here in the USA. Use a small dab and whip up into a smooth refreshing cream with excellent glide!
Special Offer on Refurbished Blending Bar Unit. Custom Signs Available!
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Essential Oil Blending & Customizing Bar

Aromatherapy blending at your fingertips! What the color palette is to the painter, this blending bar is to the Art of Aromatherapy! Now you can offer your clients custom formulation, hands-on blending and a stunning visual introduction to the fine art of Aromatherapy.

Each blending bar comes with a cabinet with extra storage room and 18 tubes that each hold 90ml of essential oils and blends. The faucet on each tube can be adjusted to dispense single drops, or a steady stream depending on your application. Now you can have accurate dispersion at your fingertips! Faucets easily lock to prevent unsupervised use.
Header signs can be customized for a small fee.